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Giulia Sola

Giuli Sola was born in Italy in January of 1980. Her passion for the visual arts steered her towards an education in design, allowing her combine aesthetic tastes with technology.

As a graduate for the Politecnico di Milano en Design Industriel, Giulia has had the opportunity to study product design for one year at the Norwegian National University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

During her studies she collaborated with a design agency (Sergio Brioschi Design: furniture, lighting, accessories, etc) in Milan before joining an interior design firm (Caputo & Associati: boutiques, stands, apartments, etc) based in London and Milan.

In 2006, thanks to a grant from the European Commission, Giulia came to work in France at the school of sailing in Glénans. She specializes in naval architecture with a diploma from ENSAN of Nantes and works as an artistic director for the interior design of yachts.
After spending time in Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States, Giulia now makes her home in Nantes as a designer for her company Giulia Sola Design

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