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China has a long and rich history of producing handmade carpets, however they were not truly introduced to the western world until the 19th century. They were and remain mostly uninfluenced by the outside world and in the 1910s Art Deco Chinese carpets began to be manufactured at an experimental level. A more full scale production began in the 1920s running through to the 1940s where weavers experimented with incorporating more vibrant colors and moving away from the traditional two-toned contrasting patterns. They remained true to the traditional designs, but with the new and often radical color range, the unique mixture resulted in a beautiful blend of old and new which had yet to be seen in Chinese carpets before.

The Art Deco carpets often have floral motifs which had for centuries been one of the favorite themes in Chinese crafts and paintings. When you look at the carpet they look more like a painting and the weaver has not taken into consideration the same structural symmetry that is found in other Persian or Oriental carpets. Though not taken seriously by more avid carpet collectors in the beginning, they have seen a resurgence in the past couple of decades and are now a popular part of home interiors across the world.

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